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Project: Easter 2018
Client: Cornerstone Church
Project Date: 2018

CREATIVE BRIEF | Major Event Theme
During the creative process for the 2018 Easter event, I proposed the title "Open," as that word appeared in several of the main lesson ideas and biblical stories that were the focus of the Easter services. The main themes of the messages were about spiritual blindness turning to sight and stubbornness to faith, based on seeing the not immediately obvious. And of course, the literal act of opening, such as the tomb and the man lowered through the hole in the roof were easy targets as well. For the design, I wanted to try to use negative space to make the title less obvious, so that it required more attentive visualization. Thus, the shapes that make up the title are simply the interior spaces of each letterform. After I had finished Open, it occurred to me that the symbols in the word Done (as in, "it is finished," are the same shapes as in Open, just rearranged. I proposed using Done for the Good Friday services, and prepared each design in monochrome with a spot gloss to create a visually arresting and emotional journey from death to resurrection, as in the biblical story.

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Project: Youth Camps & Retreats
Client: Grace Covenant Church
Project Date: 2015-2017

CREATIVE BRIEF | Theme Development & Design
Grace Covenant Church puts on a youth camp and retreat twice each year. Each retreat features an accompanying workbook and journal, and the youth events are shared with parents in a full-color wrap-up booklet. Typically, the youth leadership provide general themes and ideas, and I developed a consistent look for all promotional and education materials.

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Project: Poetry Book Cover
Client: Self/Personal
Project Date: 2017-2018

CREATIVE BRIEF | Cover Artwork
As part of my in-progress poetry book publishing process, I designed a cover which reflected the themes of the poems in the book, which include mental illness, gender identity, life through the lens of art, and so on. Using a classic fashion sketch chart - unrealistic proportions included - I applied it to a manipulated photographic self-portrait to create a sense of unreality and failed idealism. I also wanted to make sure that the cover is eye-catching enough to make someone want to look inside, as poetry is not always the most enticing proposition.


Project: Disc Artwork
Client: Casie Luong/Cynthia Marshall
Project Date: 2013/2014

CREATIVE BRIEF | Music Packaging
These were simple projects based on print-on-demand vendor templates for disc envelopes. Both clients had very specific needs for their projects, and came with prepared titles, color palettes, motifs, etc. For Casie's disc, I created the cover photo, and for Cynthia's, I composited several images that contained elements important to her.

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Project: Fake News
Client: Cornerstone Church
Project Date: 2018

CREATIVE BRIEF | Cover Design/Theme Development
Senior staff had already decided on the non-negotiable title, Fake News, due to its "cultural relevance." The series was to cover popular, but ultimately half-true platitudes like "Everything happens for a reason." The creative team initially felt trapped within a news media theme, and my initial ideas followed that direction – a vintage newspaper front page filled with fake news; a slick cable news channel logo. At a point in the creative meeting where no one was agreeing on anything and all ideas were unsatisfactorily low hanging fruit, I tuned out and started doodling, crossing out all of the ideas we had come up with so far that were uninteresting and pander-y. As I was redacting my notes, I suddenly realized I was making a blackout poem, popularized by author Austin Kleon (Show Your Work; Steal Like an Artist) and proposed using a blackout style poem graphic, which literally obscures the truth, much like popular platitudes. For my final hand-painted design, I selected a body of text which contained the key phrase multiple times, and focused on composition and gestural strokes to convey an unofficial presence and thoughtlessness, which is people most often propagate meaningless. platitudes. To visually illustrate the starkness of truth vs. untruth, I limited the design to black and white.